Being Houston’s most reliable executive car service, our mission is to redefine transportation as you know it today. Part of our purpose is to provide reliable, cost-effective service to all in need. To better serve you is our purpose, our meaning, and our life. 

How may we cater to you?

We are committed to caring for our guests and servicing the community by following the following core values:



  • Instinctive – to be led in all our ways and continually aware of our surroundings.
  • Empathetic – to show that not only that we understand, but we care.
  • Candid – to always be truthful and straightforward.
  • Exceptional – to vow to never become the norm, but exceed all expectations.
  • Deliberate – to move with purpose, be early and prepared.
  • Courteous – to treat everyone with dignity and respect in our words and mannerisms.
  • Quiet – to know when words are not needed and silence is required.

Our chauffeurs are carefully screened and go through rigorous training on our high standards for safety and guest courtesy. We hire the most experienced professionals who understand their responsibility to provide greatness in service and adding that special touch of class on every occasion. Each member of the staff at Legacy ETS is committed to elevating your transportation experience and available to answer any questions you may have. 

Call us at 800-577-9677 anytime, 24 hours a day!

Orlandus Shorter

With over 20 years in the limousine business, and 10 years in corporate Human Resources, Orlandus decided, enough was enough. He wanted to provide a service to the great people of Houston and its visitors. Forgoing the nay-sayers and aimed with a mission, he decided to create Legacy ETS and Redefine Transportation.

“You can say that I am a 3rd generation Chauffeur. Following the footsteps of my grandfather (Thomas) and my father (Larry). I chose to elevate the livery industry by implementing great customer service, hard work, and dedication.

Everyone has nice cars, that is a part of the business. The difference is how do you stand behind your work? How do you see your guests (not clients)? How can you impact your guest experiences? “

Three Generations = Legacy

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